Step Stools

Our step stools are manufactured using ¾”plywood substrate. and then coated with fiberglass resin and sprayed with black or white LAMINEX LEXAR, a poly-urea high performance coating manufactured by 3M, that is virtually indestructible. This process makes our stairs 100% weatherproof, skid resistant, and safe for boarding your yacht.

They will not discolor yellow, crack, blister or oxidize like similar fiberglass units. Our protective coating is impervious to weather, sun, gas, oil, diesel fuel and most other chemicals. It is exceptionally wear and tear resistant which makes our stairs able to withstand the harshest of marine environments. All models have a pre installed aluminum dock mounting bracket making them easy to attach to your dock system.

  • The LAMINEX finish is sparkle black or white and looks great!

  • Optional: Storage door, stainless
  • 18 " long x 12 " wide x 12.25 " tall step

  • Available with a rope and cleat lid or stationary lid

  • Available with a hinging lid and clasp.

  • Stools are available with custom engraving

SALEM Benches

Coming Soon!