Folding Portable Stairs

These are the first in a series of new products the company plans on manufacturing for the 2011 boating season.  We will be manufacturing two, three and four step folding stairs units. 

Our new line of stairs are designed to be stowable and light weight making them easy to take along from one port to another.  Manufactured with a wood sub straight and then encapsulated in 3M laminex, these stairs are just as indestructible as the full weight units. 

Unit Dimensions Weight d
2 Rise Stool Unfolded: 20" w x 18.5" l x 16"h 21 lbs
3 Rise Stair

Unfolded: 20" w x 27" l x 24"h
Folded: 12" w x 36" l x 22"h

27 lbs
4 Rise Stair Unfolded: 20" w x 35.5" l x 32"h
Folded: 12" w x 48" l x 22"h
34 lbs
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2 Step Rise Folding 3 Step Rise Folding 4 Step Rise Folding